Billy Goat Tavern


Not the iconic location immortalized on Saturday Night Live, but still a Chicago tradition.

The Billy Goat Tavern on Madison near the United Center.


5 thoughts on “Billy Goat Tavern

  1. I like that one! Thats what I thought. I have no idea what streets are going on at that intersection. I just remember it’s Ashland-ish.
    Mind if I link to your blog in mine? I like this. There’s not many neon signs in my neigborhood (Edgewater), and the ones that would be cool are always off or no longer work.

    • Feel free to link. Thanks. Let me know where the non-working neon signs are. I feel it is even more important to take pictures of those, because they are more likely to be torn down. Unfortunately, they are very expensive to fix.

  2. Granville and Broadway has a cool old sign at a photo framing shop:

    Though it looks like it’s been dormant for a while, with the tubes ripped out and all. I wonder if there’s a picture around with it up and running. There’s a few others in that area (an italian restaurant a bit further east on Granville) and a few I took pics of on my site:
    If you’re ever in the area, its a good area for a photo excursion.

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